#1: Fisherman Buster

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Drivers/ Busters
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In ways a simple manoeuvre, the Fisherman Buster has been used globally to finish off both the strongest and weakest wrestlers alike.

Users of this move range from the likes of SHIMMER superstar Mercedes Martinez, former TNA and WCW star Shane Douglas and perhaps the most famous, the Japanese icon known as Hayabusa.

The set-up for the move is simple. The wrestler first drapes the opponent’s arm over the neck as if going for a traditional suplex. However, instead of simply lifting the wrestler up using the body, the wrestler will hook the opponent’s leg so that it is half hanging about a foot off the canvas. From there, the wrestler will lift the opponent vertically, with the hook of the leg assisting the lift.

Once up in the air, the wrestler will balance the opponent so that their unhooked leg is vertical in the air. Then, quickly, the wrestler will either fall sharply downwards onto their back or partly in a sit-out position. Whichever way they choose, it is guaranteed that the opponent’s head or upper shoulder area will drive into the canvas.

The move will finish depending on where the wrestler drops the opponent. Usually, the move ends with the opponent lying on their back, but there have been instances where the opponent is dropped onto their head.


  • Also known as: Leg Hook Suplex Driver/ Hooked Suplex Driver
  • Famous Users: Hayabusa, Jushin “Tiger” Lyger, Mercedes Martinez, KENTA, Shane Douglas, Akira Hokuto
  • Finished off: Lita, Super Delphin, Meiko Satamura, Nakuri Doi
  • H&B Rating: 8

Watch more variations:

Ricky Marvin’s Fisherman Buster: A variation where the wrestler is dropped directly on their head.
Mercedes Martinez Fisherman Buster: Martinez’s version of the move sees less of a vertical lift, which makes the move look quick and more painful.
Akira Hokuto’s Fisherman Buster: Similar to a vertical Fisherman’s Buster, this gives the opportunity for a painful landing.
Jushin Lyger’s Avalanche Fisherman Buster: Quintessentially a Fisherman Buster from the top rope, which adds height to the manoeuvre.


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