Hidden Talent: Johnny Gargano

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Hidden Talent Articles
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Wrestler Name: Johnny Gargano
Ring Debut: 2005
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 199lbs
Finishing Move/s: Crosston Crab (Cross-legged Boston Crab); Hurts Donut (Full Nelson lifted into a Twisting Inverted STO)
Signature Moves: Swinging Reverse STO; Superkick; Baby Ace Crusher (Cutter to a kneeling opponent); Slingshot Spear; Double Knee Backbreaker
Wrestling Style: Technical
Promotions Performed In: AIW, PWO, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve
Current Promition/s:
AIW, PWO, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, Evolve
Career Highlight: Winning the then-vacant AIW Absolute Championship
Random fact: He has made an appearance in WWE before as a security guard on NXT.

The charismatic, entertaining character of Johnny Gargano screams one thing- talent. Not only can Gargano talk the talk, but he is more than capable to walk the walk with his extensive knowledge of technical moves and holds.
Gargano began his career in 2005, and since then he has been tearing up the scene. Currently performing for five of independent wrestling’s best companies, Gargano is a welcome addition to any roster, and that’s mainly thanks to his style and ability to gain crowd heat from his brash attitude on a microphone.

Gargano has managed to capture several titles in his short career so far, and even managed to gain victory in Chikara’s infamous Countdown Showdown tournament, where he then went on to challenge unsuccessfully for the Young Lions cup.

A long elusive career looks in site for Gargano, and he certainly looks TNA/ WWE material. With backstage stints in both companies, including a dark match against Jay Lethal on TNA iMPACT! a few months back, it’s only a matter of time before Gargano’s face becomes famous worldwide.


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