#2: Gory Neckbreaker

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Neckbreakers
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As a move which can be executed from a number of different positions, the Gory Neckbreaker is designed only for the most versatile of wrestlers.

It’s requirements to be pulled off are that the wrestler needs to be strong and sturdy. The move was made famous in the US back in 2002 thanks to it’s use by former WWE diva and current TNA Knockout Tara, but it was commonly used as a finisher before that, most famously by Kotoro Suzuki in Japan.

The move is usually started off by the wrestler pulling their opponent towards them, and then placing their head in between their legs. The wrestler will then wrap their arms around the opponent’s stomach/ upper chest before lifting the opponent upwards. The opponent will usually assist by placing their hands on the wrestlers legs, allowing them to flip upright onto the wrestler’s shoulder.

At this point, the opponent’s back will be on the wrestler’s shoulder. The wrestler will then usually allow the opponent to wrap their legs around the wrestler’s waist in an assist of the move, or failing that, the wrestler will position the legs so that they are hooked in between their back. By this point, the wrestler’s hands will be clenching the jaw of the opponent so that the opponent’s head is resting on the wrestler’s shoulder.

Once this point is reached, the wrestler will either wrench the jaw a little more or go for the finale. This sees the wrestler sit-out suddenly, causing the opponent’s head to jolt off the wrestler’s shoulder as they land on their knees. To save injury, the wrestler will commonly release the opponent a millisecond before the sit-out move, allowing the opponent to sell the move. Once the move has been hit, the opponent will fall face first onto the canvas or stay upright on the knees before falling backward/forward, allowing the wrestler to clamber for the pin.


  • Also known as: Back-to-Back Shoulder Neckbreaker/ Widow’s Peak/ Blue Destiny
  • Famous Users: Kotoro Suzuki, Victoria/ Tara
  • Finished off: Nigel McGuinness, Trish Stratus, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Mickie James
  • H&B Rating: 9

Watch more variations:

Tara’s Widows Peak– the opponent highly assists the move by placing their hands on the wrestler’s legs to flip themselves upright, and the wrestler will clench the jaw with both hands so that when they sit-out, it seems the opponent’s head will drive into the wrestler’s skull.
Dragonfly’s Gory Neckbreaker
– this version sees the opponent’s arms hooked, driving the opponent’s head/ upper shoulder area into the head/ shoulder area of the wrestler at the sit-out part of the move.
Roderick Strong’s CX ’03 – similar to a Gory Neckbreaker, except the wrestler’s arms are crossed straightjacket style, causing the upper back of the opponent to be driven into the wrestler’s shoulder.


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