#3: Front Flip Piledriver

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Drivers/ Busters
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The Front Flip Piledriver is an effective yet dangerous move. In relation to the piledriver manoeuvre, it sees the opponent spiked directly on their head.

The move was put into the public eye in the US thanks to Petey Williams, who gave the manoeuvre its debut during his TNA stint starting in 2004. Since then, it has been a popular, well-used move on the global independent circuit, with many wrestlers attributing it as their finisher. One of the best users is the So-Cal wrestler Brandon Bonham.

Like a conventional piledriver, the move starts with the wrestler pulling their opponent forward, and then placing their head in between their legs. Once in this position, the wrestler will tighten their legs, with the opponent placing their hands around the back of the wrestler’s legs in order to get a firm grip ready for the move to take off.

The wrestler will then wrap their arms around the opponent’s upper body area. This is then followed by the wrestler jumping slightly in the air, using the canvas to bounce upright. Usually, the opponent will be in assist of the move and will use their upper body strength to lift the wrestler upwards, ready to flip them over.

As the wrestler flips forward, they still have the opponent in their grasp. This will in turn cause the opponent to flip backwards, but with the wrestler’s legs tightened around the opponent’s head, the opponent will end up spiking their head onto the canvas as the wrestler lands on the upper back area.

Usually, the opponent’s hands and wrestler’s leg cushion the move, sometimes meaning that the opponent will not spike their head off the mat to save serious injury. The move will then usually be sold with the opponent falling backwards, or falling onto their knees and clutching the head in pain.


  • Also known as: Canadian Destroyer/ Flipping Piledriver/ 180 Piledriver
  • Famous users: Petey Williams, Brandon Bonham, Ricochet, Cloudy
  • Finished off: AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Hallowicked
  • H&B Rating: 10

Watch more variations:

Petey William’s Canadian Destroyer– Petey usually taunts before hitting the move, giving the opponent time to react.
Petey William’s Running Canadian Destroyer– this requires the opponent to be quick thinking, as Petey executes the move after a small run up.
Ricochet’s Front Flip Piledriver– this shows how versatile the move can be, and how it can be performed from many situations.
Aerostar’s Avalance Flip Piledriver– a top rope Front Flip Piledriver. Because of it’s height, most opponent’s land on the upper chest area to save serious damage from the move.


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