#5: Leg-Trapped Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Powerbombs
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A favourite move of speedy wrestlers, the Leg-Trapped Sunset Flip Powerbomb can be pulled off from a number of different positions, whether the wrestler is running, standing or jumping.

The move has been used widely over the Luchadore circuit, and names such as Amazing Red and Super Shisha have held it as finishers. In this instance, the WWE Diva Melina’s ‘Last Call’ finisher is perhaps the best quality of this move to decipher.

The move can start off from a variety of positions, but which ever way it begins, the wrestler manages to wrap their legs around the opponent’s waist. Usually, the wrestler does this by sitting on the lower back area of a doubled-over opponent, their legs clenched around the opposition’s abdomen.

Once in this position, the wrestler will then flip themselves forward. In this motion, the wrestler will flip forward enough in order to grasp the legs of the opponent. The opposition will help by lifting their head upwards, ready for the move’s finale.

The move ends with the wrestler- still with the legs in grasp- releasing their legs from the opponent’s waist, allowing the opponent’s back to slam off the canvas. The wrestler’s legs will now be near the opponent’s shoulder area, allowing the wrestler to grasp the opponent’s legs and place their legs onto the opponent’s shoulders for a pin attempt.


  • Also known as: Yoshi Tonic/ Code Red/ Sunset Bomb/ Last Call
  • Famous users: Amazing Red, Melina, Mushinking Terry, Super Shisha, Ray, Natsuki Taiyo, Rey Mysterio, Cloudy
  • Finished off: Homicide, Michelle McCool, Cheech, Jigsaw
  • H&B Rating: 8

Watch more variations:

Amazing Red’s Code Red– this is a running variation of the move, where the opponent is doubled over ready and waiting. Also notice how Red part-leapfrogs the opponent before snapping off the powerbomb.
Mushinking Terry’s Yoshi Tonic
– this sees Terry jump before he hits the move, adding impact to the manoeuvre.
Ray’s Yoshi Tonic–  a nice acrobatic variation of the move, where Ray rolls backwards in set up of the powerbomb technique.
Rey Mysterio’s Avalanche Leg-Trapped Sunset Flip Powerbomb– a top rope version of the move, which is rare to see from Mysterio.
Gran Akuma’s Leg Trapped Sunset Flip Powerbomb– Akuma shows that this move can be pulled out whenever wherever as he counters a powerbomb attempt.


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