#7: Step-up Enziguiri

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Strikes
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The enziguiri is a nice, strong attack which is sure to ground any opponent. However, there are many different variations to the move, with the most common being a Leg-feed Enziguiri. This sees the wrestler go for a kick, only for the opponent to hold onto the leg and then the wrestler uses their free leg to jump kick them in the side of the head. The Step-up Enziguiri, however, looks more slick and effective.

The move is used by a wide range of wrestlers, with most of its users being lightweight competitors. One of the famous users of the move is Alex Shelley, who pulls off a perfect variation to Jay Lethal in the video below.

In the early stages of the move, the wrestler will await the opponent to stand upright. Usually, the move will follow a simpler move which in turn turns the opponent groggy, allowing them to stand straight and get ready for the move.

With the opponent in sight, the wrestler will then charge forward. The wrestler’s right/left foot will partially balance off the standing wrestler’s leg, or the wrestler will ‘step-up’ to an imaginary platform out of thin air. Once in this position, the wrestler is then able to lift their free leg and begin to swing it upwards.

When the move hits, the wrestler’s swung leg will hit the opponent square in the back of the head. As the wrestler rolls away, the opponent will sell the move, usually either falling/rolling forwards off the manoeuvre.


  • Also known as: Step-up Roundhouse Kick/ Jumping Roundhouse Kick
  • Famous users: Chris Jericho, Alex Shelley, Antonio Inoki, Amazing Red, Allison Danger, Arik Cannon
  • Finished off: Christian, Goldust, Super Dragon, Roderick Strong
  • H&B Rating: 6

Watch more variations:

Chris Jericho’s Step-up Enziguiri– Jericho is almost a master at this move, and hits Randy right where it hurts with this variation.
Arik Cannon’s Glimmering Warlock– a variation of the Step-Up Enziguiri, only with the opponent kneeling in preparation.


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