#8: Snap DDT

Posted: December 9, 2010 in DDT's
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The DDT was first invented by Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts in 1980, and three decades later, it is perhaps the most used manoeuvre in wrestling today. However, like most moves, it comes in plenty of different variations, which will be widely covered in this blog. But to kick start the DDT category, let us introduce to you the Snap DDT, a painful technique used to damage the opponent’s head and neck.

Most fans will know this type of move thanks to WWE Divas Lita and Maryse. Both have a variation of the Snap DDT as finishing moves, and Lita in particular bought the move into the public eye with her leg swinging innovation. But this move doesn’t always need fancy set ups to pull off effectively, as Desmond Wolfe shows in the video below.

In order to set up the move, the wrestler will usually kick the opponent in the stomach, or drag them off the floor. From there, they will pull the opposition forwards and grasp them in a front facelock, which sees the wrestler hook the opponent’s head in one of their arms.

Once in this hold, the wrestler will then decide what to do. With a snap DDT, it is common for the wrestler to bend their body/leg before falling backwards, which adds impact to the move. However, it is also likely for the wrestler to go straight for the move, as Wolfe shows in the video above.

Once the wrestler has fallen backwards, the opponent’s head will hit the canvas. The snap DDT usually refers to the opponent’s head slamming into the canvas, and thus their neck snapping off the floor, causing them to hit a headstand almost and then fall to the floor. However, it is also common for the opponent to fall face first onto the mat.


  • Also known as: Quick DDT/ Lita DDT/ French Kiss
  • Famous users: Lita, Maryse, Desmond Wolfe, The Miz, Ryan Taylor
  • Finished off: Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Eve Torres, Melina
  • H&B Rating: 7

Watch more variations:

Lita’s Lita DDT– this is the leg swinging variant which was mentioned earlier. Molly Holly was known for selling this move really well, and this video well documents that.
Maryse’s French Kiss– a move which sees the wrestler pump their body forward before falling backwards to add impact. Maryse also hooks the opponent’s upper arm slightly to allow the opponent to snap off the move.
Ryan Taylor’s Snap DDT– this shows the move can also be effective when pulled off to a kneeling opponent.


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