#9: Double Knee Backbreaker

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Backbreakers
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Imagine being planted back first onto an outstretched knee. Sounds painful? Well double that with the Double Knee Backbreaker. This move sees a wrestler drive both knees into the back of an opponent and can be done from a variety of positions.

The move gained global exposure following former WWE wrestler Carlito assigning the move as his finisher during his tenure. However, the move was also used beforehand by the first ever WWE Tough Enough winner Maven, as well as being well used on the independent circuit. A well-known user of the move is James Storm, who hits a nice variation on Alex Shelley in the video.

For the standard variation of the Double Knee Backbreaker, the wrestler will stand behind an opponent. The opponent will most likely be standing to their feet following another move/ reversal by the wrestler, and the wrestler will await the opponent to stand upright.

From there, the wrestler will either grasp onto the opponent’s shoulders or wrench in a rear chinlock. This allows the wrestler to hold on to the opponent and boost their knees upright, so that they practically touch the upper back of the opponent.

Once in this position, the opponent will help my falling backwards. Once falling backwards, the knees of the wrestler will connect with the upper back of the opponent, driving them into a backbreaker. The move looks like it would hurt, but it is usually cushioned by either the wrestler wearing knee pads or the opponent falling into a half-seated position to prevent injury.


  • Also known as: Lungblower/ Backcracker/ Backstabber/ Superdrol
  • Famous users: Carlito, Maven, James Storm, Lacey, Rain, Kirby Mack, Josh Abercrombie, Brandon Thomaselli, CIMA
  • Finished off: John Morrison, Gregory Helms, Ricochet, Pac
  • H&B Rating: 9


Watch more variations:

Carlito’s Backstabber– Although we don’t condone Diva violence, this Backstabber to Torrie Wilson is perfectly sold and looks incredibly effective.
Roderick Strong’s Torture Rack Lungblower– The self-proclaimed ‘King of the Backbreaker’ Roderick Strong shows that a Double Knee Backbreaker can be hit from practically anywhere.
Rain’s Tornado Lungblower– One of Rain’s patented move, this sees her start from the top rope before twisting into the move.
CIMA’s Superdrol– Notice how CIMA leaps far before hitting the move, adding impact to the move.
Josh Abercrombie’s Taliban Backpack– Abercrombie flies off the top rope before hitting the move, making the conventional move look twice as effective.
Brandon Thomaselli’s The Deal – The first move of the video, this is an impressive backbreaker from a powerbomb position.


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