Move of the Week: The Gore

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Move of the Week Articles
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Move of the Week | 5th-12th Dec 2010
The Gore

The Gore is, quite basically, a powerful variation of the Spear, used by TNA wrestler Rhino. The move looks good because Rhino is a strong and mean looking wrestler, so it goes really well with his character. Usually, this move is overlooked but this week’s TNA iMPACT! saw a great match between Rhino and Rob Van Dam, which culminated in RVD getting hit with the Gore. RVD sold this move well, landing directly on his neck and spinning onto the mat via his head, allowing Rhino to then pick up the win.

Other contenders

Randy Orton’s Powerbomb through a table– A great way to send a message to The Miz, this saw Randy bust out a nice powerbomb, a move which is rarely seen by the Legend Killer.
AJ Styles’ Pele Kick – Always an amazing move to see, AJ hits a well timed Pele Kick here during his match against Doug Williams.
Trent Baretta’s Dudebuster DDT– An awesome manoeuvre, which is technically a step up Tornado DDT.


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