#14: Bicycle Kick

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Strikes
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As a variation of a Big Boot, the Bicycle Kick is a move that requires momentum to pull off. It is not unusual for the wrestler to surge forwards before hitting this move, which when pulled off correctly looks decapitating.

The move has been used by a plethora of wrestling’s biggest stars, the most recent being WWE’s Sheamus who terms the move as the ‘Brogue Kick’. Independent wrestling’s Claudio Castagnoli, however, shows off a great version of the move in the video below.

The Bicycle Kick usually starts off with the wrestler charging forward. The opponent will be standing upright, awaiting to be hit by the move.

With the opponent in their sights, the wrestler will then slightly jump in the air, flexing one leg out before landing it on the canvas. This then gives the wrestler the momentum to straighten out their other leg, so it is parallel to the opponent’s face/ upper chest area.

The wrestler will then aim the foot upwards, so that it drills into the specific body part of the opponent. Most commonly, the wrestler aims for the opponent’s face area, with the opponent quickly protecting their face with their hands before they fall away to the canvas.


  • Also known as: Pump Kick/ Brogue Kick/ Botox Injection
  • Famous users: Sheamus, Claudio Castagnoli, Giant Bernard, Angelina Love
  • Finished off: Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, Madison Rayne, Tara
  • H&B Rating: 9


Watch more variations:

Sheamus’ Brogue Kick– Sheamus’ height and leg strength equal a powerful variation of the move, which blasts into the side of the opponent’s head.
Angelina Love’s Botox Injection– Still essentially a Bicycle Kick, except Angelina twists her body slightly, making the move look more similar to a Pump Savate Kick.
Dolph Ziggler’s Apron Bicycle Kick– Ziggler has only performed this move once, yet it’s effective. He uses the apron to step up and then blast out the move on a prone Batista.
Frankie Kazarian’s Bicycle Kick– Again, not a move that Kazarian pulls out a lot, yet this sees a nice rendition of the move. The fallout once the move hits makes it more like a Pump Single-leg Dropkick, but you can be the judge.



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