#16: Leg Drop Bulldog

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Drops
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A traditional leg drop sees the wrestler plant their leg onto an opponent’s throat, but the Leg Drop Bulldog sees a different way of dishing out the popular move. It requires the opponent to be standing to be performed.

One of the most famous users of the move was former WWE and TNA wrestler Billy Gun (also known as Kip James), who labelled the move as the Fame Asser. Today, the move is not just necessarily used as a finisher, but also as a common signature move to some wrestlers. Dolph Ziggler, a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, frequently uses this move on his opponents, and pulls it off perfectly to MVP in the video below.

This manoeuvre is usually pulled off after the opponent has been floored and is about to stand to their feet, or after the opponent has been kicked in the stomach. The wrestler on the other hand can either charge forward before hitting the move, or stand still before dishing it out.

Either way, the move will see the wrestler place one of their hands on the doubled-over opponent’s back in order to gain leverage. This allows the wrestler to jump upright, outstretching their leg so it is parallel to the back of the opponent’s neck.

The wrestler will then bring their leg crashing down onto the opponent’s neck. This will in turn cause the opponent to fall downwards, their face smashing off the canvas as they do so. They will then usually roll away, allowing the wrestler to go for the quick pin fall.


  • Also known as: Leg Drop Driver/ Fame Asser/ Rocker Dropper
  • Famous users: Billy Gunn, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Kelly Kelly, Orlando Jordan
  • Finished off: Triple H, X-Pac, Big Show, Layla, Gail Kim, Scotty 2 Hotty
  • H&B Rating: 5

Watch more variations:

Billy Gunn’s Fame Asser– A famous user of the move, Gunn probably pulled off the best looking Leg Drop Bulldog because of the height he could get to before crashing his leg down onto the opponent.
Nunzio’s Sicilian Slice– Simply put, a Leg Drop Bulldog performed from the second turnbuckle.
Kelly Kelly’s K2– Like a traditional Leg Drop Bulldog, except Kelly hooks the arm of the opponent before dishing out the move and places her leg over the opponent’s neck before jumping into the move.
Kanyon’s Corner Leg Drop Bulldog– Here, Kanyon stands on the top rope and places his leg over the opponent’s head, using his hand for support, and then dives forward, driving them face first onto the mat.


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