Hidden Talent: Sami Callihan

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Hidden Talent Articles
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Wrestler Name: Sami Callihan
Ring Debut:
Finishing Move/s:
Headlock Driver, Stretch Muffler
Signature Moves:
Lariat variations, Exploder Suplex, Saito Suplex, Koji Clutch, Forward Russian Leg Sweep,Curb Stomp
Wrestling Style:
Promotions Performed In:
Current Promition/s:
CZW; ROH; Evolve
Career Highlight:
Winning the CZW Iron Man Championship
Random fact:
On his CZW debut in 2008, Callihan raised heads after winning the inaguaral Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Battle Royale.

“The New Horror” Sami Callihan has been a key performer in CZW ever since he made his debut there in 2008. But although his time in the popular ultraviolent company is perhaps what has got him so well noticed, Callihan has also performed around the independent circuit, including stints in Ring of Honor and Evolve.

It’s no secret why Callihan is so well used amongst the circuit, because he looks different to most wrestlers. “The New Horror” adopts a vicious gimmick which means he pulls no prisoners, and has featured in some great Ultraviolent contests against the likes of John Dahmer and Egotistico Fantastico. But he’s not just about being hardcore, as he has shown during contests for ROH and Evolve, one of which where he defeated independent wrestling specialist Arik Cannon.

With a dangerous move as his finisher (the skull crushing Headlock Driver) and a number of titles obtained in his four year career so far, it is no surprise that Sami Callihan is climbing his way up the ladder. With hints that he could become a big feature in Ring of Honor sometime soon, it seems that the only way is up for “The New Horror” and his manic ways.

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