As one of the most devestating variations of the Piledriver, this manoeuvre sees the opponent draped upside down before getting their head driven into the canvas.

The Kneeling Back-to-Belly Piledriver is almost a guaranteed match winner, and is used by plenty of wrestlers, especially those around the Independent circuit. However, superstars such as TNA’s Frankie Kazarian and Consequences Creed have used the move on several occasions, bringing it into the public eye. Independent wrestler Jigsaw, who is well known for his time in CZW, uses the move as his finisher (aptly naming it the Jig ‘n’ Tonic) and hits a nice cradle variation of the manoeuvre in the video below.

The beginnings of the move sees the wrestler grab the opponent by the legs. In order to do this, they will either place their head in between the opponent’s legs and lift them up that way, or they will lift the opponent onto their shoulder. From here, they will then position the opponent so that their head is draped downwards towards the canvas.

Once in this position, the wrestler can then decide what to do. If they are going for a standard variation of the move, then the opponent will be kept in this position ready for the finish. However, if the wrestler decides to go for a cradle variation like in the video above, the opponent will be dropped slightly so that their legs are in the wrestler’s grasp, and their head is in between the wrestler’s legs also.

Now the opponent is set up, the wrestler will jump slightly before landing onto their knees. This will in turn crush the opponent’s head onto the canvas, driving them onto the mat in the regular Piledriver fashion. If the opponent has been hit with the cradle variation, then the leg hook of the move allows the wrestler to easily go for the pin attempt. However, any other variations would mean the opponent would roll away off impact, selling the move as they clutch their head in pain.


  • Also known as: Kneeling Belly-to-Back Piledriver/ Jig’n’Tonic/ CB4-Driver
  • Famous users: Frankie Kazarian, Consequences Creed, Jigsaw, Wesna Busic, Shaun Daivari
  • Finished off: Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Cheerleader Melissa, Ayako Hamada
  • H&B Rating: 7


Watch more variations:

Frankie Kazarian’s Kneeling Back-to-Belly Piledriver– Instead of cradling the legs, Kazarian lets the opponent dangle slightly, meaning that the opponent’s head is driven harder into the canvas.
Wesna’s Apron CB4-Driver– Essentially the same as the Jig ‘n’ Tonic, except the opponent is driven into the ring apron, a much harder and dangerous surface.
Teddy Hart’s Kneeling Back-to-Belly Piledriver– Similar to Kazarian’s move, except Teddy Hart delays the move and then drops suddenly, spiking Jack Evans’ head off the canvas. Awesome acrobatic sell by Evans here also.


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