#20: Swinging Side Slam

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Slams
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To kick start into the twenties, the Scoop Swinging Side Slam is an impressive variation of the Side Slam. It sees the opponent lifted upwards before their body is manoeuvred into a slick looking slam onto the canvas.

Wrestlers such as the late Umaga and Chuck Palumbo have had this move in their arsenal, bringing attention to the move during their WWE stints. However, over in TNA, the move was introduced by ‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris in 2002. He named the move the Catatonic and pulled off many devestating variations, including the one to Eric Young in the video below which sees Styles hit the canvas almost head first.

The move can be started off from quite a few positions. The most usual position is for the opponent to be scooped in the wrestler’s grasp. This sees the wrestler grab the opponent by placing one hand between their legs and on their trunks, and another near the opponent’s neck area. This means that the opponent is parallel over the opponent’s arms. The opponent can be caught like this as well after they attempt a diving/running cross body.

Now that the opponent is in this position, the wrestler will bend their knees slightly in order to gain momentum to spin the opponent out. To do this, the wrestler will swing the wrestler slightly to one side, and then quickly swing them back before releasing the hold on their legs. This then means the opponent is now in the wrestler’s grasp via the wrestler’s arm over the opponent’s throat.

Once this has been initiated, the wrestler will then either fall forwards or sit out with the opponent in grasp. Either way, the opponent will get driven back/upper shoulder or even head first into the canvas, finishing off the move.


  • Also known as: Wind-up Slam/ Catatonic/ Total Anarchy/ Gunslinger
  • Famous users: Chris Harris, Umaga, Chuck Palumbo, Arik Cannon, Joey Silvia
  • Finished off: AJ Styles, Kenny Dykstra, Jimmy Jacobs
  • H&B Rating: 7


Watch more variations:

Arik Cannon’s Total Anarchy– Hiromi Horiguchi flies off the top with a Diving Cross Body, but Arik has him scouted, reversing it with the Swinging Side Slam that he dubs as the Total Anarchy. Notice in this move that Cannon sits out, rather than falling forward.
Umaga’s Release Swinging Side Slam– The move looks similar to standard Swinging Side Slam, except Umaga doesn’t fall or sit out. Instead, he releases the opponent in mid-swing, causing them to corkscrew down towards the canvas.
Joey Silvia’s Out of Gas– Skip to 0:12 of the video, and you’ll see the move that Indie wrestler Joey Silvia calls the Out of Gas. It is still a Swinging Side Slam, but this time is performed from a powerslam position, which sees the swing exceeded.
Billy Gunn’s Gunnslinger– This sees less of a swing into the move, but is still exceptionally powerful.


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