As one of the best looking diving moves in the business today, the 450 Splash combines a Senton Bomb with a Splash to make an equally powerful move. The wrestler ends up landing on the abdomen of a downed opponent after flipping through the air 450 degrees.

The number of wrestlers that use this move certainly exceeds beyond the double digits, with the most recent ‘famous’ user being WWE’s Justin Gabriel. Although Gabriel pulls off great variations, independent wrestler Austin Aries has been using the move as a finisher for quite some time. In the video below, he pulls off a really good 450 Splash from the top rope to a grounded Roderick Strong.

To begin the move, the wrestler usually climbs to the top rope and stands on the top turnbuckle. This isn’t always the case however, as the wrestler could be standing on the canvas, or even be springboarding off the top rope. However, a top rope 450 Splash is the most common variation.

Once up top, the wrestler will then dive off, and hit a mid-air somersault. However, the wrestler will tuck their legs in tight so that the rotation of the somersault causes them to do a full flip in the air. They will then release the legs which will in turn cause the wrestler to fall towards the grounded opponent chest first.

In a split second, the wrestler will land on top of the opponent, usually onto their stomach. From there, they will either instantly hook the legs for a pin or roll off the opponent upon impact.


  • Also known as: Phoenix Splash / Superman Splash
  • Famous users: AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Justin Gabriel, Paul London, Rich Swann, Hayabusa, Jillian Hall
  • Finished off: Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Roderick Strong, Wade Barrett, Jun Akiyama, Mickie James
  • H&B Rating: 8


Watch more variations:

Rich Swann’s Standing 450 Splash– A similar move, but not carried out from a platform. Instead, Rich Swann jumps high from the canvas before drilling out the splash.
AJ Styles’ Superman Splash– Instead of hitting the move off the top turnbuckle, AJ springs off the apron and onto the top rope, before pulling off a neat 450 Splash.
Hayabusa’s Phoenix Splash– Still essentially a 450 Splash, except the wrestler starts with their back to the grounded opponent. They then corkscrew around, pulling out a 450 in mid-air. Wrestlers, like Hayabusa, need to be acrobatic to pull this off.
Dragon Kid’s Imploding 450 Splash– The wrestler starts with their back to the opponent, before pulling off a 450 there and then. This sees a 450 splash pulled off facing the turnbuckles, with the opponent moving away from the buckles before landing on the opponent.

  1. Alexa says:

    You totally forgot to add Jillian Hall to the “Famous Users” list, and Mickie James to the “Finished Off” list!

    • headlocksbackdrops says:

      Thanks for the comment! The posts will not contain every single wrestler that has hit the move, because that would be difficult to compile, but Jillian Hall is a well valued wrestler so I’ll note her down on the list. Thanks for your input, it is more than appreciated! ~Lee.

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