Move of the Week: Diving Splash

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Move of the Week Articles
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Move of the Week | 19th-26th December

Diving Splash

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t the best looking move in the world, but it sure as hell made its mark during the Fatal Four-Way match which pitted Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kane and Alberto Del Rio against each other for the WWE World Title at TLC. The pay-per-view, which occured last Sunday, was made even better with this contest, and the four competitors put it all on the line. The move featured saw Edge ascend to the middle ladder rung and jump off from the ladder, which was positioned in the ring, all the way down to the arena floor, where Kane was laid out on the table. This spot made the match even more entertaining, and helped WWE prove that it hadn’t strayed as far from their hardcore roots as first thought. Edge eventually went on to win the match after Spearing Kane off the apron and onto a table stacked against the announce desk, capturing his 10th Heavyweight Title reign.

Other Contenders

Randy Orton’s RKO– Always a move to get the fans roaring, Randy’s RKO is so good on this occasion as it wasn’t originally intended for Alex Riley. Randy shows that he can pull this move out of the bag at any time.
Douglas Williams’ Exploder Suplex– When it looks like AJ Styles is about to drop Williams with a Springboard Lariat, Williams grabs onto the arm and slams Styles down with a perfect Exploder Suplex as a great reversal.
Chris Sabin’s Springboard Tornado DDT– Always a slick move, especially when pulling it off against a brilliant seller like Robert Roode. Sabin springs off the top rope and smashes Roode down with a Tornado DDT that almost buries him into the canvas.


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