Dubbed as a Sliced Bread #2 over in the States, the Shiranui is a move which first came to wrestling fans attention in Japan. It is a move that makes good use of the turnbuckles, and ends in the opponent being driven downwards onto the canvas.

Fans of televised wrestling in the US will know that it was Brian Kendrick who introduced this move to their eyes, defeating the likes of Shannon Moore and William Regal along the way. However, who better to show this move than it’s creator, Naomichi Marufuji. If we wanted to be technical, the move can be called a Three-Quarter Facelock Turnbuckle Step-Up Backflip Inverted DDT, but to save our tongues being twisted, Marufuji called it the Shiranui and the name has stuck around the globe.

To start this move off, the wrestler will grab the opponent in an Inverted Three-Quarter Facelock. This sees the wrestler turn their back so it is facing the opponent, and then they will wrap their arm around the opponent’s neck, as if they were going for a Cutter type manoeuvre.

From this position, the wrestler will then walk forward with the opponent in grasp towards the turnbuckles. Once near the turnbuckles, the wrestler will then run/ walk slowly up the buckles, rung by rung. The opponent will still be in grasp at this point, as the wrestler gets their feet on the top rope.

Now in this position, the wrestler will push themselves off the top, in turn flipping backwards. As they flip backwards, the opponent will in turn fall backwards and will be driven head/upper back first onto the canvas as the wrestler lands on their knees.


  • Also known as: Sliced Bread No.2/ Asai DDT
  • Famous users: Naomichi Marufuji, Brian Kendrick, Alex Shelley, AJ Lee, Jimmy Jacobs, Ultimo Dragon
  • Finished off: Kenta, Chris Sabin, Roderick Strong, Hayabusa
  • H&B Rating: 6


Watch more variations:

Naomichi Marufuji’s Cutthroat Shiranui– Instead of simply just clutching the neck, Marufuji on this instance wraps Kenta’s arm slightly around the hold before climbing the ropes. It doesn’t add much more impact, but makes the move look more impressive.
Jimmy Jacobs’ Contra Code– Also known as a Sitout Shiranui, Jacobs flips higher once rebounding off the buckles, allowing him to sit-out and drive the opponent’s upper back into the canvas.
Ultimo Dragon’s Asai DDT– A standing variation of the Shiranui which was made popular by Ultimo Dragon. Instead of stepping up the turnbuckles, Dragon would leap in the air, using his acrobatic nature to hit a Shiranui in the centre of the ring.
Alex Shelley’s Apron Shiranui– A more effective move which sees the wrestler scale the buckles or leap upwards whilst the opponent is in grasp on the apron. The opponent is driven onto the apron hard.


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