Move of the Week: RKO

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Move of the Week Articles
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Move of the Week | 27th December- 2nd January

The RKO is a move that gets the WWE fans rolling, and Randy Orton does what he can to ensure the move never looks samey. Although the move is simple, it is also effective and whenever it is pulled out, excitement builds in the WWE arena. The past week, Randy took on Sheamus in a great match up live on Raw. Earlier in the match up, Sheamus busted out an impressive Slingshot Shoulder Block, which managed to get him a two count on the Apex Predator. Thinking that he could pull the same move out again, but this time for the win, Sheamus decided to try and again outdo Randy. Instead, Orton managed to catch a mid-air Sheamus in the RKO, which made the fans go crazy, giving Orton the pin fall victory.

Other Contenders

Melina’s Sunset Split– Always an impressive move, Melina grabs Gail Kim in an Inverted DDT hold before spinning her leg over the throat, and executing a split-like position. This drives Gail’s head into the canvas hard, and gives Melina the win.
Drew McIntyre’s Turnbuckle Powerbomb– This week, McIntyre owned Trent Baretta in their singles match-up. This move featured in the bout, and sure was impressive.
Rob Van Dam’s Five Star Frog Splash– RVD’s pulled this move off many a time, and although it’s simple, he still manages to make it look good. Here he pulls his finisher off to Robbie E, which gives RVD the much deserved victory.


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