For a simple move, the Double Foot Stomp is surprisingly effective. Used as a signature move by some of the best wrestlers in the business today, it sees the wrestler drive their feet into the opponent’s body, usually after leaping off the top turnbuckle.

The move is used widely over the Independent circuit, particularly in the Hardcore wrestling side of things. It is here where you will see the move busted out onto a variety of weapons, with the likes of Damian and TJ Cannon being great users of the move. However, if you wanted to see a brilliant variation, look no further than that of WWE’s Kaval. He uses a great variation, which he calls the Warrior’s Way.

To start off the move, the wrestler needs to be elevated. Usually, the Double Foot Stomp is pulled off from the top/middle turnbuckle, which sees the wrestler start the move by jumping upwards off the top turnbuckle. However, it is also common for the move to be pulled off from a standing position. The standing position sees the wrestler stand near the opponent and jump upwards. In any variation, the opponent is usually grounded, and can be lying horizontally or vertically on the mat in regards to the wrestler.

Now that the wrestler is in the air, they can do one of two things. They can either simply let their feet drop downwards, ready to hit the stomp, or- which is quite common- for added effect to lift their legs upwards whilst in mid-air before dropping their feet down suddenly. This is the version that Kaval pulls off in the video.

Once this has been achieved, the wrestler will now come crashing downwards. Their feet will connect with the opponent’s upper chest/abdomen usually, depending on how the opponent is lying on the ground. Once connected, the wrestler will either fall downwards and then clamber for the pin, or will hit a nice roll away after connection.


  • Also known as: Diving Foot Stomp/ Standing Foot Stomp/ Warrior’s Way
  • Famous users: Kaval, Prince Devitt, Damian, Kevin Steen, Chris Hero, Chikayo Nagashima, Sonjay Dutt
  • Finished off: Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty, Kevin Steen, Yoshika Tamura
  • H&B Rating: 5


Watch more variations:

Kevin Steen’s Standing Double Foot Stomp– Usually done in the position seen here, the opponent will look for a Sunset Flip, but the wrestler will resist before jumping upwards and slamming their feet into the opposition’s chest.
Chris Hero’s Springboard Double Foot Stomp– Instead of hitting the move off the top rope, Hero leaps to the top rope from the apron and blasts the opponent with the move.
Kaval’s Tree of Woe Ghetto Stomp– A move that Kaval used in the independent circuit, he gets the opponent in a Tree of Woe then stands on the top rope. The opponent then lifts their body up as Kaval hits the move, crushing them down to the canvas.
Chikayo Nagashima’s Front Flip Double Foot Stomp– This is basically a more entertaining variation of the move. Instead of simply jumping off the top rope, Nagashima flips forward, rotating far enough that she lands on the opponent’s body feet first.
Sonjay Dutt’s Moonsault Double Foot Stomp– An inverted variation of the move above, yet a little more impressive. It looks like Dutt will hit a moonsault, but he gets extreme height, allowing him to land standing on M-Dogg 20’s chest.


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