Hidden Talent: Adam Cole

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Hidden Talent Articles
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Wrestler Name: Adam Cole
Ring Debut: 2008
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190lbs
Finishing Move/s: Panama Sunrise (Avalanche Front Flip Piledriver)
Signature Moves: Coleateral (Scoop Brainbuster); Coled Day In Hell (Bridging Wheelbarrow Suplex); Jumping Enziguiri; Diving Leg Lariat; Bridging Northern Lights Suplex
Wrestling Style: Technical
Promotions Performed In: CZW; MCW; Evolve; ROH; CHIKARA
Current Promotion/s: CZW; ROH; Evolve
Career Highlight: On August 23,2010, Cole signed a contract with Ring of Honor.
Random fact: Cole was trained in the CZW academy, a promotion where he made his mark.


With just over two years experience under his belt, Adam Cole has done big things to Independent wrestling. Not only has he picked up an array of titles from different companies, but Cole is a highly technical wrestler who is terrifically gifted at the game.

When Cole made his debut in CZW, he got heads turning following the ‘climbing of the ladder’ he undertook within the promotion. This saw him begin by making a team with Tyler Veritas, before fighting with the likes of Sabian and Ruckus, two of CZW’s most valued workers. In fact, on May 8, 2010, Cole managed to defeat the two aforementioned wrestlers in a triple threat match, giving him his first ever title- the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship- in the company.

Since this time, federations across the US have wanted him, with recent stints in Chikara and Evolve. But August last year saw Cole get the break he deserved, as he signed a contract with Ring of Honor, the third best company in the US, and joined a team with Kyle O’Reilly. Since then, the tandem have entertained world wrestling fans globally, and it seems that this could be the beginning of a promising future for Cole.

Find out more: Adam Cole’s Wikipedia Page | Adam Cole’s IWD Page | Adam Cole’s MySpace Page
Watch: The Top Ten Moves of Adam Cole | Adam Cole vs. Sabian | Adam Cole’s 2008 CZW Highlight Video


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