#28: Double Chickenwing Facebuster

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Facebusters
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To kick-start the Facebusters category on the blog, we bring to you the Double Chickenwing Facebuster, a move used by a variety of wrestlers in the pro wrestling world today. It sees the wrestler lift the opponent by their arms before slamming them stomach/face first to the ground.

In independent wrestling, the move is well-known as being assigned to Jon Moxley, but it was probably WWE’s former diva Jazz who gave the move- which she labelled a ‘Bitch Clamp‘- exposure. It has been further highlighted thanks to its use by current WWE diva Beth Phoenix, who uses a sitout variation named as the Glam Slam. The sitout variation is the most effective way to hit the move, as shown in the video below. Here, Paul London hits the Waffle Face– the name he labels the move- to former teammate Brian Kendrick in a match for Dragon Gate USA.

The move starts off with the wrestler behind the opponent, facing their back. From this position, the wrestler will hook the arms in a Chickenwing lock. This sees the arms hooked by both the wrestler’s arms, giving them the strength they need to lift the opponent upwards.

Onto the lift, and the wrestler will lift the opponent pretty high in the air with the lock still applied. Usually, the opponent’s legs will be wrapped around the wrestler’s stomach, but it is also common for the opponent’s legs to drape downwards.

Now onto the drop of the move, and there are two ways for this to occur. Either the wrestler will drop the opponent face first, whilst still standing, or the wrestler will ensure the opponent’s legs are hooked around their body, wheelbarrow style. This then allows the wrestler to release the double chickenwing lock and then sit out abruptly, driving the opponent’s face and upper body area onto the canvas.


  • Also known as: Double Arm Wheelbarrow Facebuster/ Glam Slam/ Bitch Clamp/ Waffle Face/ Hook & Ladder/ Dodon
  • Famous users: Paul London, Beth Phoenix, Jazz, Jon Moxley, Ryusuke Taguchi
  • Finished off: Kota Ibushi, Jimmy Jacobs, Melina, Michelle McCool
  • H&B Rating: 8


Watch more variations:

Ryusuke Taguchi’s Dodon– This move sees Taguchi elevate the opponent Double Chickenwing style, before dropping abruptly. However, he keeps hooked of one of Kota Ibushi’s arms, which results in a hard drop onto the canvas.
Beth Phoenix’s Glam Slam– The strong Beth Phoenix elevates the opponent and then holds them there for a while. Then, suddenly, she releases the hold, and drops them into a Sitout Wheelbarrow Facebuster.
Jazz’s Bitch Clamp– A move without the sitout position, and many can argue that this is more a submission hold. However, Jazz would only apply the submission for a short while, in order to then throw the opponent down facebuster style.


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