Move of the Week: Missile Head Strike

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Move of the Week Articles
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Move of the Week | 3rd-10th January 2011
Missile Head Strike

When Rey Mysterio goes up top, you know that a great move is only seconds away from being pulled off. But wrestling fans worldwide were surprised at this innovative move pulled off on this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown! After scaling to the top with Alberto Del Rio in his sights, Rey proceeded to jump off, angling his head downwards to hit his opponent in the chest, knocking him down to the canvas. It was the first time Rey had pulled off this move, which made it look even more impressive. It also begs the question whether Rey will use this move in his arsenal from now-on, or whether it was a one-off. Let’s hope it’s the first option and that we’ll see the Missile Head Strike used on several occasions.

Other Contenders:

Kazarian’s Mid-Air Cutter– Kazarian is known for hitting this move from a variety of positions, and this time he did just that. With Lethal on the apron, Kazarian pulled the ropes as if to throw his opponent over, only to catch him mid-air with the Cutter.
John Morrison’s Barricade Step-up Knee Strike– This is one way to get rid of the interfering Alex Riley. Morrison places him on the barricade before running and leaping up with a Knee Strike that blasts Riley to the floor.
Kane’s Chokeslam through the announce table– During his match with Edge, Kane happened to chokeslam Edge. But not onto the cushioned canvas, oh no…this time through the announce table!


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