Writing about this move comes at a very good time, as the Argentine Rack DDT is quickly becoming a well recognised finishing move in wrestling. It sees the opponent hoisted up in an Argentine Rack before they are flipped sidewards into a DDT.

First, wrestling fans minds need to be put at rest. Most fans label the move as a Burning Hammer, a name that WWE commentators coin the manoeuvre. A Burning Hammer however, is an Inverted Death Valley Driver where the opponent is planted on their head rather than their face. The Argentine Rack DDT has been used by wrestlers all over the globe, and was the finisher of Christopher Daniels’ alter-ego Curry Man when he appeared in TNA and Japan. However, more recently, the move is used by Tyler Reks as a devestating finisher. In the video, he hits Trent Baretta with a great version of the move.

In order for the move to begin, the wrestler will usually be standing behind the opponent. The wrestler will then grab the opponent’s arm and hook their own arm in between the wrestler’s legs before lifting the wrestler upwards. The wrestler will now be lying sidewards on the wrestler’s shoulders in an Argentine Rack manoeuvre, also known as a Torture Rack.

When the opponent has been hooked in this position, the wrestler will then use the hand closest to the opponent’s head and grasp the opponent’s throat with their hand. This means that when the opponent is flipped downwards, they are easily transferred into a DDT.

The wrestler will now use their hand near the wrestler’s legs to flip them over. As they flip downwards towards the canvas, they will instantly fall into a facelock. This means that when they hit the canvas, they will hit it DDT style, their face slamming onto the mat as the wrestler falls downwards with them.


  • Also known as: Torture Rack DDT/ Argentine DDT/ Spicy Drop/ Burning Hammer [coined by WWE]
  • Famous users: Tyler Reks, Curry Man
  • Finished off: Kaval, Trent Baretta, JTG, Consequences Creed, Johnny Devine
  • H&B Rating: 9


Watch more variations:

Curry Man’s Spicy Drop– The Spicy Drop sees Curry Man, also known as Christopher Daniels, lift the opponent Argentine Rack style before running forward and DDT’ing the opponent on the canvas.
Sexxxy Eddy and JC Bailey’s Double Swinging Argentine Rack DDT– A double team variation of the manoeuvre, starting off from a very unique position. Bailey and Eddy grasp Jack Evans’ arms and legs off the ground and swing him into the move.


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