Move of the Week: Mic Check

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Move of the Week Articles
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Move of the Week | 11th-18th January 2011
Mic Check

This time’s Move of the Week isn’t necessarily based on the move pulled off, more about the moment it was executed. At Genesis 2011 last Sunday, Mr. Anderson faced Jeff Hardy, a wrestler who had turned from fan favourite to super heel over the last few months. Hardy had several run-ins with Anderson before this match, with Anderson making clear that he wanted Jeff’s TNA World Heavyweight belt. At Genesis, Anderson managed to achieve his goal in a show-stopping contest. As the closing moments came, Anderson disposed of Matt Hardy until he turned round right into a Twist of Hate attempt by Jeff. However, Anderson had the opposition scouted and slammed him with an Inverted STO, a move he dubs the ‘Mic Check.’ It was quite a surprise that Anderson managed to get the win, but a very nice surprise because Anderson is finally on a platform where he belongs.

Other Contenders:

Dolph Ziggler’s ZigZag into the Steel Steps– The feud between Edge and Dolph Ziggler is hotting up. This week, Dolph left the champion laid out following a ZigZag which planted Edge head first off the steel steps.
Rey Mysterio’s Asai Moonsault– Mysterio is someone who appears on this list almost every week. This week, he hit a great Asai Moonsault onto Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes during a tag team bout.
Randy Orton’s RKO– Alex Riley has fallen victim to the RKO several times, and this week was no different. During a tag team bout, Orton utilised the move which gave his team the victory.


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