About the blog

Headlocks & Backdrops is a blog based on the wonders of professional wrestling moves. Each day, the blog is updated with a wrestling move which is explained in depth, giving wrestling fanatics the knowledge of manoeuvres and how they are performed. The blog is great if you are a new or veteran fan of professional wrestling, training to be a professional wrestler or a creative writer wanting to know realistic moves that can be pulled off for show results of EWR diaries/ fantasy promotions.


You will find that on the site, you are able to search for a move using the search bar on the left hand menu. You can also subscribe to the blog by clicking on the button- this will ask for an email address, and will mean that your inbox will receive notifications when a new blog post is published. Another section on the menu is titled ‘Wrestling Enthusiasts’, which shows the number of unique clicks to the blog. Just below this on the menu lies the ‘Most Viewed Moves’ section, which highlights the most viewed posts of the blog, and the ‘Top Rated Moves’ section, which lists the wrestling moves that readers have liked the most. Below this is a section named ‘Move Types’. When a wrestling move is uploaded, it is categorised, so that the reader can view similar move types to that manoeuvre.

Blog Posts

Move of the Day Posts

These posts on the blog are styled similarly. Moves chosen for the site are usually those of finishing or signature moves, and some are also unique to certain wrestlers which simply must be mentioned. Within the post, a detailed description of the move will appear, alongside an embedded YouTube video so that the reader can see the move with their own eyes.

Once the move is explained, a new section of the post will appear. This will be titled ‘Statistics’ and will give the basics of the move. This will include an ‘Also known as’ label. This is used because wrestling moves are never usually given just one name, so readers can distinguish what the move is this way. ‘Famous users’ relates to the wrestlers that commonly use the move, whether that be as a signature or finishing move. ‘Finished off’ relates to wrestlers that have either been pinned or submitted to the aforementioned move. ‘H&B Rating’ stands for the score that we at Headlocks & Backdrops give the move out of 10, based on a number of factors.

Below this is a chance for the reader to ‘watch more variations’ of the mentioned move. This is usually a list of links to YouTube videos which highlight the move but in different variations, which allows the reader to see the move utilised by different individuals.

Post Options

Once reading a post, the reader is able to do a number of things. Each post comes with a poll, allowing the reader to vote whether the move chosen was good/mediocre/bad. The reader can also comment on the post, giving their view of the move. However, comments on this post are moderated, and inappropriate comments/ spam will be removed by the author. There is also a chance to re-Tweet the move via Twitter or Facebook.

Hidden Talent Posts

These posts are designed so that readers get to view ‘hidden talent’ from professional wrestling’s independent circuit. In my own time, I have managed to route out some of the best wrestlers from indy wrestling, some that many readers will not have heard about. Within these posts come a bio of the star featured, a short explanation and some links, so readers can top up their wrestling knowledge on that wrestler. Perfect if you want to get your head into independent wrestling!

So I think that’s all you need to know. Hope you enjoy the site, and get involved!

Author of Headlocks & Backdrops