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A move which can be argued as a slam or a driver, the Sitout Suplex Slam is a move usually used by wrestlers with a technical background. It sees the opponent lifted up in a traditional vertical suplex until they are twisted and then driven down onto the canvas.

In popular wrestling culture, the move is known as a Falcon Arrow, a name that inventor Hayabusa coined the manoeuvre with when he first used it more than a decade ago. This name was also given to the move when former WWE superstar Hardcore Holly used it as a finisher during the early stages of his tenure in the company. Today, the likes of KENTA, CM Punk and Roderick Strong are all known to have used the move, but if you’re looking for a standard variation of the move, look no further than the video below where Hayabusa busts out his finisher.

The move begins with the wrestler hooking the opponent in the typical Suplex set-up position. The wrestler will apply a front facelock on the opponent and then will drape the opposition’s arm over their shoulder. This allows the wrestler to then hook onto the opponent’s trunks and lift them vertically.

Once vertical, the wrestler will use the arm holding the opponent to balance them as the other arm is placed on the opponent’s torso. The wrestler will then twist slightly, so that the opponent’s stomach is facing the wrestler’s.

With the end in sight, the wrestler will then push the opponent downwards and sit-out suddenly. The opponent will be driven back first off the canvas as the wrestler sits near their shoulders. This then allows the wrestler to hook the legs for the pin, or to simply roll away to carry out more pain to their opposition.


  • Also known as: Falcon Arrow/ Sitout Suplex Driver
  • Famous users: Hayabusa, KENTA, Hardcore Holly, Koji Kanemoto, CM Punk
  • Finished off: Jinsei Shinzaki, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Crash Holly, Naomichi Marufuji
  • H&B Rating: 7


Watch more variations:

Roderick Strong’s Slingshot Sitout Suplex Slam– A nice variation which sees Strong slingshot his opponent’s legs off the rope, adding extra elevation so he can twist his body and then drive them onto the canvas sitout style.
Koji Konemato’s Sheerdrop Sitout Suplex Slam– The set up is similar to a standard Falcon Arrow, until Konemato twists the opponent around and then grasps the opponent’s torso. This forces the opponent head first onto the canvas.
CM Punk’s Sitout Suplex Slam– Another way to hit the move, Punk sets the opponent up for a suplex and then turns his whole body 180 degrees before sitting out. Here, the opponent is not elevated for a long time, making it almost a snap Falcon Arrow.
KENTA’s Avalanche Sitout Suplex Slam– Rather than traditionally hitting the move from the canvas, KENTA sets the opponent up top and hits the move. He hits the move similarly to CM Punk, only from the top rope.


A strike that was first originated by Japanese favourite Keiji Mutoh, who was well known by The Great Muta character he portrayed, this move sees the wrestler drive their knee/ inside leg into the opponent’s face as they kneel on the canvas.

In wrestling today, there are many ‘Shining’ moves, which is defined as a position where the wrestler steps up onto the opponent before pulling off a move. However, it was the Shining Wizard which established this position, and the move is famous worldwide. WWE fans will know that current superstar Yoshi Tatsu has the manoeuvre in his moveset, but Keiji Mutoh is the official inventor, and it is he who pulls off the move in the video below.

In order for the move to start, the usual position is for the opponent to be kneeling down on one knee. Their other leg will be placed foot first on the canvas, so it is angled slightly. This provides a step for the wrestler in order to pull off the move.

Now that the opponent is in this position, the wrestler will charge forward. As they come within a few steps of the opponent, the wrestler will lurch their body forward before stepping on the opponent’s angled leg.

With the wrestler now half-balanced on the opponent’s leg, they will use their other leg and swing it towards the opponent’s face. Either the wrestler’s knee/inner leg will connect with the opponent’s face, in turn knocking them down to the ground.


  • Also known as: Step-up Knee Strike
  • Famous users: Keiji Mutoh, CM Punk, Yoshi Tatsu, Nasawa Rongai
  • Finished off: Yoshihiro Takayama, Mitsuharu Misawa, Kaz Hayashi
  • H&B Rating: 7


Watch more variations:

Keiji Mutoh’s Shining Wizard from behind– Instead of hitting the opponent in the face, Mutoh hits the Shining Wizard with the opponent facing away. This causes the knee to connect with the back of the head.
Nanae Takahashi’s Shining Wizard– A stiff variation of the move, instead of swinging her knee, Nanae shoots it upright. This causes her kneecap to plant into her opponent’s face hard.
CM Punk’s Climbing Shining Wizard– This sees Punk use the rope as a step-up before using the knee to blast into a cornered opponent’s face. In WWE, Punk uses this move and then follows up with a Running Headlock Bulldog.
Satanic Scythe’s Standing Shining Wizard– Rather than the opponent kneeling, they are instead standing. This requires the wrestler to leap higher in order for the opponent to get rocked with the knee.

To kick start the first ‘Submission’ Move of the Day, we bring to you the impressive Koji Clutch, a move that is essentially a type of headscissor, with the wrestler using the leg to stretch the opponent’s neck.

Many people credit this move to it’s inventor, Koji Kanemoto, although it is rare to see him pull this move out. The move is a favourite of former TNA wrestler and Independent circuit talent Christopher Daniels, who classes this amongst many signature manoeuvres. However, the move isn’t just limited to Daniels’ usage, as other wrestlers have attempted the move. One of those is Stevie Richards, who pulls off a nice variation below on Kazarian.

As you may have noticed in the video above and in the links below, the move is usually followed after an Inverted STO. This is because this manouevre allows the Koji Clutch to instantly be locked on, and sees the wrestler grab a standing opponent with an arm around their neck before sweeping their leg as they fall backwards. This in turn causes the opponent to plant face first off the canvas.

With the arm still trapped and the opponent now grounded, the wrestler will then flick their legs backwards, spinning them slightly so that one leg is wrapped over the opponent’s throat almost. The other will press against the back of the opponent’s head, adding consistent pressure.

Now the opponent is in prime position, the wrestler will clutch their hands around the leg and squeeze tight. This will wrench the opponent’s throat/face tighter, and hopefully lead to the opponent tapping out.


  • Also known as: Half Neck Wrench Headscissors/ Leg-sling Grounded Crossface
  • Famous users: Christopher Daniels, Justin Gabriel, Stevie Richards, Sami Callihan, CM Punk
  • Finished off: Homicide, Egotistico Fantastico, AJ Styles
  • H&B Rating: 6


Watch more variations:

Christopher Daniels’ Koji Clutch– Daniels is always quick to latch on this hold once hitting the Inverted STO, and here keeps the hold applied for quite some time on an injured AJ Styles.
Sami Callihan’s Koji Clutch– At 1:07, Sami pulls off a Koji Clutch without the Inverted STO set up. He quickly flicks Egotistico Fantastico over with his arm and then applies the excruciating hold.