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A move that is used by mainly technical/ strong wrestlers, this is a nice variation of a spinebuster which sees the opponent lifted upwards and then planted back first onto the canvas.

Probably made most famous by D’Lo Brown– who named the move the ‘Sky High’– the Lifting Sitout Spinebuster is mainly used as a signature manoeuvre by many wrestlers worldwide. Some of those include Tommy Dreamer, Apollo, Billy Kidman and Chris Hero. It is also known as a Rydeen Bomb, a name coined by Japanese sensation Satoshi Kojima. A great variation, however, can be seen in the video below, where Chris Masters throws Drew McIntyre upwards in the air before planting him onto the canvas.

The move usually starts off with the opponent running towards the wrestler. This allows the opponent to gain momentum to jump high in the air in order to sell the move more effectively. When the opponent gets within a few feet of the wrestler, the wrestler will grasp the opponent up in the air by using their abdomen/armpits.

With the opponent now in the air, the wrestler will then transition their hands so that they are close to the opponent’s chest. This allows the wrestler to slightly keep hold of the opponent but also allows them to get ready to push them downwards towards the canvas.

The wrestler’s hands will now be pretty much on the opponent’s upper body, allowing them to forcefully push them downwards to the canvas. The opponent will hit the canvas back first as the wrestler sits down abruptly, making the move look pretty similar to a powerbomb-style manoeuvre. The wrestler can then hook the opponent’s legs ready for the pinfall.


  • Also known as: Rydeen Bomb/ Sky lift Powerbomb/ Sky High/ Sitout Spinebuster
  • Famous users: Satoshi Kojima, D’Lo Brown, Tommy Dreamer, Billy Kidman, Apollo, Chris Masters, Gregory Helms
  • Finished off: Low Ki, Taka Michinoku, Lita, Rey Mysterio, Val Venis
  • H&B Rating: 7


Watch more variations:

D’Lo Brown’s Sky High– One of the first American wrestlers seen to use the move, D’Lo hits a good variation where he keeps the opponent high before spinning slightly and driving them down to the canvas.
Billy Kidman’s BK Bomb– Kidman used this move as a signature, mainly to smaller competitors than himself. He hits a nice variation here to Spike Dudley during a cruiserweight match.
Rosie Lottalove’s Lifting Sitout Spinebuster– Slightly different here, as Rosie lifts the opponent using their legs before dropping down into the sitout position.
Tommy Dreamer’s Liting Sitout Spinebuster– Dreamer is used to busting out great moves, and in this video he shows no exception, lifting a larger Kevin Thorn upwards before planting him on the canvas.


In what was, and still regularly is, coined as a TKO by the innovator of this powerful manoeuvre, Marc Mero, the Fireman’s Carry Cutter is a moved favoured by strong wrestlers.

This handy manoeuvre has been used by some of the greatest wrestlers in the business. It is used to strongly damage the opponent’s neck and face. Perhaps the best variation of this move was done by Andrew ‘Test’ Martin, back when he appeared regularly on ECW.

To start the move, the wrestler will have to have the opponent lying across their shoulder in the typical fireman’s carry manoeuvre. One arm will be in between the opponent’s legs, with the other arm holding the opponent by the back of the head.

Once this has been initiated, the wrestler will decide to either go for the move, or spin around slightly. The wrestler will then use their hand by the opponent’s legs to push the opponent away slightly by the kneecaps. The opponent will assist usually in stretching their legs out, so that they are ready for the finishing moments of the move.

With the opponent pushed out slightly, the wrestler will then grasp the opponent by the neck, cutter style, before falling out onto their back. This will mean the wrestler now only has hold of the opponent’s head, causing the opponent to hit the canvas stomach first. If sold well, the opponent will ensure that they hit the canvas almost face first in order to add appeal to the move.


  • Also known as: TKO/ You’re Dismissed/ Fireman’s Cutter
  • Famous users: Marc Mero, Andrew ‘Test’ Martin, Alex Riley, Consequences Creed, ODB, D’Lo Brown
  • Finished off: Al Snow, Tony Mamaluke, Traci Brooks, Kaval, Yujiro, Goldust
  • H&B Rating: 7

Watch more variations:

Alex Riley’s You’re Dismissed– A very good looking variation, most likely helped by the great selling of Kaval.
Consequences Creed Fireman’s Carry Cutter– This is caught off a running opponent, which makes it seem faster. Yujiro also helps by outstretching his legs further, so that he is planted face first off the canvas.
Marc Mero’s TKO– Mero may have invented the move, but he wasn’t always the best at pulling it off.
Arik Cannon’s Rope Assisted TKO– ┬áCannon goes for a conventional TKO, but the rope assist means that the opponent is planted almost head first.