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A move that is both amazing to see and painful to feel, the Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster is a technical move which requires technique to pull off. The manoeuvre sees the opponent driven from a lifted position onto the wrestler’s knees, which are crushed into their stomach.

This Gutbuster manoeuvre was probably made popular by former WWE superstar Jamie Noble, who used the move as a signature manoeuvre during his cruiserweight tenure. Today, the move can be seen by many superstars, especially in the independent circuit. Some of its users include the likes of Roderick Strong and Prince Devitt, who is featured in the video below dishing out the move to Alex Shelley from a match in Japan.

Like a usual Fireman’s Carry, the wrestler will usually grab the opponent’s arm before placing their arm in between their legs. This will cause the oppponent to be lifted onto the wrestler’s shoulders, so that they are lying stomach first on top of the wrestler’s shoulders.

With the opponent now lifted, the wrestler will then need to begin to lift them off in order to drop them into the Gutbuster. To do this, the wrestler will usually place their hands on to the wrestler’s chest and knees and then throw them upwards. As the opponent is thrown upwards, the wrestler will begin to fall backwards.

Now, with the opponent just miliseconds away from hitting the canvas, the wrestler will have fallen back and will then lift their knees. This causes the opponent to fall stomach first onto the wrestler’s knees before rolling to the canvas in pain.


  • Also known as: Double Knee Gutbuster/ Prince’s Throne
  • Famous users: Jamie Noble, Prince Devitt, Roderick Strong
  • Finished off: Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Nunzio, Paul London
  • H&B Rating: 9


Watch more variations:

Jamie Noble’s Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster– Essentially the same way that Devitt hits the move, yet the impact of the knees is usually sold even more, as they fly off the knees upon impact.
Roderick Strong’s Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster– Again, very similar to a simple variation, except Roderick sometimes turns the move from a Gutbuster into a Chestblower manoeuvre, as the video shows.
Roderick Strong’s Press Lift into a Double Knee Gutbuster– Okay, so this doesn’t start off from a Fireman’s Carry, but it ends up like one. The opponent is lifted upwards then dropped onto the wrestler’s knees.
Consequences Creed’s Military Press Double Knee Gutbuster– Another move that doesn’t start off from a Fireman’s Carry but ends up looking exactly like the move’s finish. Instead of a Fireman’s Carry, Creed Military Presses the opponent high before dropping them onto the knees.


Wrestler Name: Prince Devitt
Ring Debut:
Finishing Move/s:
Bloody Sunday (Single Underhook Lifting Implant DDT); Prince’s Throne (Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster); Shingata Prince’s Throne (Canadian Backbreaker hold twisted into a Double Knee Gutbuster)
Signature Moves:
Brainbuster; Devitt’s End (Fujiwara Ambar); Falling Overhead Kick; Diving Double Foot Stomp; Somersault Suicide Senton; Inverted Lungblower
Wrestling Style:
Submission Technical
Promotions Performed In:
NWA UK Hammerlock; MWF; NJPW
Current Promotion/s:
Career Highlight:
Devitt is a one-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, a title that has been held by the likes of Naomichi Marufuji and Jushin Liger.
Random fact:
His wrestling style has been compared to that of the late Chris Benoit, earning him the nickname of Pegasus Kid II in Japan.

Quickly becoming a prominent figure in the Japanese pro wrestling market, Prince Devitt is a competitor with a pure passion for the business. After making his debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2006, Devitt has managed to gain five title runs compromising of Tag Team and Singles championships.

With a technical moveset under his name, Devitt has managed to defeat some of the best competitors in the business, including names such as Davey Richards and Naomichi Marufuji. In the annual Tokyo Sports Grand Prix 2010, Devitt was awarded the ‘Best Bout’ trophy following his stunning October match which saw him team up with Ryusuke Taguchi to take on Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi.

In May last year, Devitt entered NJPW’s ‘Best of the Juniors’ tournament and managed to eventually win the tournament. This gave him a shot against Marufuji for the IGWP Junior Heavyweight Title, which Devitt won after pinning the Japanese icon. Since June 2010, the title has been in his possession and has been defended succesfully four times, showing that Devitt will fight hard to keep the belt around his waist.

The talents of Devitt knows no bounds, and he is quickly becoming a rising star in Japan. Whether he will take his skills to the US and go far in companies like TNA, WWE or ROH, no-one knows. But for now, Devitt looks comfortable where he is, and will continue to fight his way to the top in NJPW.

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