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Move of the Week | 19th-26th January 2011
Avalanche Hip Toss

Trent Baretta and Drew McIntyre are two names you can easily speak of when defining the future of WWE. Although Drew is pushed further than Baretta, Baretta is a great character and the two have put on some exceptionally good matches. This was no different when the two met on the latest edition of Friday Night Smackdown! After a back and forth match which saw many amazing moves pulled off, Baretta scaled to the top. But Drew is a guy that is always one step ahead, and he leapt to the top before grasping Trent’s arm and flipping him off the top, causing him to crash back first off the canvas. The move, known as an Avalanche Hip Toss, is appealing and was a great final move in this exciting contest.


Other Contenders:

Mason Ryan’s House of Pain– This week saw the WWE world introduced to the power that is Mason Ryan. Although he has a pretty sub standard finishing move, it sure as hell marked a great debut for the British wrestler as he powered Cena onto the canvas, hard.
Edge’s Big Boot– The Big Boot is one of Edge’s favourite manoeuvres, and this week he busted it out on Justin Gabriel. However, what made it look better was that Gabriel was hit with the move whilst standing on the apron, causing him to hit the floor hard.
Randy Orton’s RKO– A move that makes it on this list very regularly, but once more, Randy found a way to hit the RKO from pretty much out of nowhere. Ziggler snuck up behind Orton for the ZigZag, only to have his efforts turned into the Jumping Cutter.


Move of the Week | 12th-19th December
Springboard Lariat

This nifty move was pulled out during a tag team match on SmackDown!, which saw Kofi Kingston and Kaval pick up the victory over Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Although this wasn’t the match winning move, Kofi’s spingboard lariat added heaps of entertainment to the contest. Perhaps it was so good due to the fact that Kaval had just managed to get the tag in on Kofi, or maybe it was due to the sheer height Kingston got to before pulling it off. When it comes to flying around the ring, no-one does it better than Kofi, and no matter what you say, Dolph Ziggler is a perfect seller in this instance.

Other contenders

Kaval’s Standing Double Foot Stomp– The move isn’t necessarily amazing, but the set up to it is just that. Kaval reverses the Gutwrench Powerbomb into a Sunset Flip followed by a quick Standing Double Foot Stomp to the sternum.
Bully Ray’s Bully Bomb– Amazing Red makes this move look so good, thanks to his awesome sell of the finisher.
Randy Orton’s Olympic Slam– Adopted from the great Kurt Angle, Randy pulls off a nice variation of this move.