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To kick start the first ‘Submission’ Move of the Day, we bring to you the impressive Koji Clutch, a move that is essentially a type of headscissor, with the wrestler using the leg to stretch the opponent’s neck.

Many people credit this move to it’s inventor, Koji Kanemoto, although it is rare to see him pull this move out. The move is a favourite of former TNA wrestler and Independent circuit talent Christopher Daniels, who classes this amongst many signature manoeuvres. However, the move isn’t just limited to Daniels’ usage, as other wrestlers have attempted the move. One of those is Stevie Richards, who pulls off a nice variation below on Kazarian.

As you may have noticed in the video above and in the links below, the move is usually followed after an Inverted STO. This is because this manouevre allows the Koji Clutch to instantly be locked on, and sees the wrestler grab a standing opponent with an arm around their neck before sweeping their leg as they fall backwards. This in turn causes the opponent to plant face first off the canvas.

With the arm still trapped and the opponent now grounded, the wrestler will then flick their legs backwards, spinning them slightly so that one leg is wrapped over the opponent’s throat almost. The other will press against the back of the opponent’s head, adding consistent pressure.

Now the opponent is in prime position, the wrestler will clutch their hands around the leg and squeeze tight. This will wrench the opponent’s throat/face tighter, and hopefully lead to the opponent tapping out.


  • Also known as: Half Neck Wrench Headscissors/ Leg-sling Grounded Crossface
  • Famous users: Christopher Daniels, Justin Gabriel, Stevie Richards, Sami Callihan, CM Punk
  • Finished off: Homicide, Egotistico Fantastico, AJ Styles
  • H&B Rating: 6


Watch more variations:

Christopher Daniels’ Koji Clutch– Daniels is always quick to latch on this hold once hitting the Inverted STO, and here keeps the hold applied for quite some time on an injured AJ Styles.
Sami Callihan’s Koji Clutch– At 1:07, Sami pulls off a Koji Clutch without the Inverted STO set up. He quickly flicks Egotistico Fantastico over with his arm and then applies the excruciating hold.