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A move which can be argued as a slam or a driver, the Sitout Suplex Slam is a move usually used by wrestlers with a technical background. It sees the opponent lifted up in a traditional vertical suplex until they are twisted and then driven down onto the canvas.

In popular wrestling culture, the move is known as a Falcon Arrow, a name that inventor Hayabusa coined the manoeuvre with when he first used it more than a decade ago. This name was also given to the move when former WWE superstar Hardcore Holly used it as a finisher during the early stages of his tenure in the company. Today, the likes of KENTA, CM Punk and Roderick Strong are all known to have used the move, but if you’re looking for a standard variation of the move, look no further than the video below where Hayabusa busts out his finisher.

The move begins with the wrestler hooking the opponent in the typical Suplex set-up position. The wrestler will apply a front facelock on the opponent and then will drape the opposition’s arm over their shoulder. This allows the wrestler to then hook onto the opponent’s trunks and lift them vertically.

Once vertical, the wrestler will use the arm holding the opponent to balance them as the other arm is placed on the opponent’s torso. The wrestler will then twist slightly, so that the opponent’s stomach is facing the wrestler’s.

With the end in sight, the wrestler will then push the opponent downwards and sit-out suddenly. The opponent will be driven back first off the canvas as the wrestler sits near their shoulders. This then allows the wrestler to hook the legs for the pin, or to simply roll away to carry out more pain to their opposition.


  • Also known as: Falcon Arrow/ Sitout Suplex Driver
  • Famous users: Hayabusa, KENTA, Hardcore Holly, Koji Kanemoto, CM Punk
  • Finished off: Jinsei Shinzaki, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Crash Holly, Naomichi Marufuji
  • H&B Rating: 7


Watch more variations:

Roderick Strong’s Slingshot Sitout Suplex Slam– A nice variation which sees Strong slingshot his opponent’s legs off the rope, adding extra elevation so he can twist his body and then drive them onto the canvas sitout style.
Koji Konemato’s Sheerdrop Sitout Suplex Slam– The set up is similar to a standard Falcon Arrow, until Konemato twists the opponent around and then grasps the opponent’s torso. This forces the opponent head first onto the canvas.
CM Punk’s Sitout Suplex Slam– Another way to hit the move, Punk sets the opponent up for a suplex and then turns his whole body 180 degrees before sitting out. Here, the opponent is not elevated for a long time, making it almost a snap Falcon Arrow.
KENTA’s Avalanche Sitout Suplex Slam– Rather than traditionally hitting the move from the canvas, KENTA sets the opponent up top and hits the move. He hits the move similarly to CM Punk, only from the top rope.


Possibly one of the most brutal suplex variations, the Tiger Suplex sees the opponent approached from behind and slammed into the canvas almost head first.

The move was popularised by the legendary Tiger Mask, but was first invented by Alfonso Dantes, a Mexican professional wrestler. Perhaps one of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era who uses the move is KENTA, who pulls off a superb bridging variation to Naomichi Marufuji in the video below.

The Tiger Suplex starts off with the wrestler positioned behind the opponent. The opponent is usually groggily standing, or has just got to their feet, allowing the wrestler to plan out the manoeuvre.

Once the opponent groggily falls into the wrestler’s attack line, the wrestler will grasp both of the opponent’s arms in an underhook-like fashion, usually near theĀ bicepsĀ area. This will trap the opponent’s arms behind their back and thus make them prone to the suplex.

With the arms hooked, the wrestler will then fall backwards, ensuring that they bridge their body with the fall. This will cause the opponent to land on the upper back/ back of the head area as they are driven onto the canvas. The wrestler will usually finalise the opponent by releasing the arms allowing the opponent to roll backwards, or they will keep the arms hooked to allow them to bridge their body upright and go for the pin fall.


  • Also known as: Double Underhook German Suplex
  • Famous users: Mitsuharu Misawa, Tiger Mask, The Great Sasuke, Bryan Danielson, KENTA
  • Finished off: Kenta Kobashi, Jushin “Thunder” Lyger
  • H&B Rating: 8


Watch more variations:

Mitsuharu Misawa’s Tiger Suplex– Before his death last year, Misawa was a well known user of this move. Here, he defeats Kenta Kobashi, and notice the bridge following the move.
Mitsuharu Misawa’s Apron Tiger Suplex– A very brutal Tiger Suplex, driving the opponent onto the arena floor below.
Tiger Mask’s Henkei Tiger Suplex– A variation of the Tiger Suplex where one of the opponent’s wrist is clutched rather than hooked.
Bradshaw’s Release Tiger Suplex– A rarity for Bradshaw to have pulled off, this sees the opponent released and flipped onto their stomach.