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Move of the Week | 31st January- 7th February
Springboard Corkscrew Enziguiri

A simply brilliant move which was executed on last week’s TNA iMPACT! During a three way dance against Jeremy Buck and Doug Williams, Lethal looked like he’d showed off enough moves following a nice Suicide Dive onto both opponents. But instead, he had another trick up his sleeve. With Jeremy Buck inside the ring, Lethal leapt to the apron and awaited his opponent to stand, almost like predator to prey. Once standing, Lethal leapt to the apron, before spinning off the top rope with a Corkscrew Enziguiri! The kick hit Jeremy square in the head and knocked him to the canvas. This amazing move could’ve been a match ender, but unfortunately for Lethal, Buck fought back.

Other contenders:

Drew McIntyre’s Free Fall Drop onto the steps– Always one to utilise the ringside materials to his advantage, Drew managed to lift Kofi Kingston high before Flapjacking him gut first off the steel steps in a painful looking move.
Jeff Hardy’s Modified Twist of Hate– A bit of an unusual one here, as instead of starting the move in a Facelock, Hardy hit the Twist of Hate similarly to a Jumping Cutter.
Edge’s Killswitch– In homage to Christian, Edge wrapped the arms of Ziggler before turning him around into a Killswitch at the Royal Rumble last Sunday.


Move of the Week | 11th-18th January 2011
Mic Check

This time’s Move of the Week isn’t necessarily based on the move pulled off, more about the moment it was executed. At Genesis 2011 last Sunday, Mr. Anderson faced Jeff Hardy, a wrestler who had turned from fan favourite to super heel over the last few months. Hardy had several run-ins with Anderson before this match, with Anderson making clear that he wanted Jeff’s TNA World Heavyweight belt. At Genesis, Anderson managed to achieve his goal in a show-stopping contest. As the closing moments came, Anderson disposed of Matt Hardy until he turned round right into a Twist of Hate attempt by Jeff. However, Anderson had the opposition scouted and slammed him with an Inverted STO, a move he dubs the ‘Mic Check.’ It was quite a surprise that Anderson managed to get the win, but a very nice surprise because Anderson is finally on a platform where he belongs.

Other Contenders:

Dolph Ziggler’s ZigZag into the Steel Steps– The feud between Edge and Dolph Ziggler is hotting up. This week, Dolph left the champion laid out following a ZigZag which planted Edge head first off the steel steps.
Rey Mysterio’s Asai Moonsault– Mysterio is someone who appears on this list almost every week. This week, he hit a great Asai Moonsault onto Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes during a tag team bout.
Randy Orton’s RKO– Alex Riley has fallen victim to the RKO several times, and this week was no different. During a tag team bout, Orton utilised the move which gave his team the victory.

Move of the Week | 3rd-10th January 2011
Missile Head Strike

When Rey Mysterio goes up top, you know that a great move is only seconds away from being pulled off. But wrestling fans worldwide were surprised at this innovative move pulled off on this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown! After scaling to the top with Alberto Del Rio in his sights, Rey proceeded to jump off, angling his head downwards to hit his opponent in the chest, knocking him down to the canvas. It was the first time Rey had pulled off this move, which made it look even more impressive. It also begs the question whether Rey will use this move in his arsenal from now-on, or whether it was a one-off. Let’s hope it’s the first option and that we’ll see the Missile Head Strike used on several occasions.

Other Contenders:

Kazarian’s Mid-Air Cutter– Kazarian is known for hitting this move from a variety of positions, and this time he did just that. With Lethal on the apron, Kazarian pulled the ropes as if to throw his opponent over, only to catch him mid-air with the Cutter.
John Morrison’s Barricade Step-up Knee Strike– This is one way to get rid of the interfering Alex Riley. Morrison places him on the barricade before running and leaping up with a Knee Strike that blasts Riley to the floor.
Kane’s Chokeslam through the announce table– During his match with Edge, Kane happened to chokeslam Edge. But not onto the cushioned canvas, oh no…this time through the announce table!

Move of the Week | 27th December- 2nd January

The RKO is a move that gets the WWE fans rolling, and Randy Orton does what he can to ensure the move never looks samey. Although the move is simple, it is also effective and whenever it is pulled out, excitement builds in the WWE arena. The past week, Randy took on Sheamus in a great match up live on Raw. Earlier in the match up, Sheamus busted out an impressive Slingshot Shoulder Block, which managed to get him a two count on the Apex Predator. Thinking that he could pull the same move out again, but this time for the win, Sheamus decided to try and again outdo Randy. Instead, Orton managed to catch a mid-air Sheamus in the RKO, which made the fans go crazy, giving Orton the pin fall victory.

Other Contenders

Melina’s Sunset Split– Always an impressive move, Melina grabs Gail Kim in an Inverted DDT hold before spinning her leg over the throat, and executing a split-like position. This drives Gail’s head into the canvas hard, and gives Melina the win.
Drew McIntyre’s Turnbuckle Powerbomb– This week, McIntyre owned Trent Baretta in their singles match-up. This move featured in the bout, and sure was impressive.
Rob Van Dam’s Five Star Frog Splash– RVD’s pulled this move off many a time, and although it’s simple, he still manages to make it look good. Here he pulls his finisher off to Robbie E, which gives RVD the much deserved victory.

Move of the Week | 5th-12th Dec 2010
The Gore

The Gore is, quite basically, a powerful variation of the Spear, used by TNA wrestler Rhino. The move looks good because Rhino is a strong and mean looking wrestler, so it goes really well with his character. Usually, this move is overlooked but this week’s TNA iMPACT! saw a great match between Rhino and Rob Van Dam, which culminated in RVD getting hit with the Gore. RVD sold this move well, landing directly on his neck and spinning onto the mat via his head, allowing Rhino to then pick up the win.

Other contenders

Randy Orton’s Powerbomb through a table– A great way to send a message to The Miz, this saw Randy bust out a nice powerbomb, a move which is rarely seen by the Legend Killer.
AJ Styles’ Pele Kick – Always an amazing move to see, AJ hits a well timed Pele Kick here during his match against Doug Williams.
Trent Baretta’s Dudebuster DDT– An awesome manoeuvre, which is technically a step up Tornado DDT.