Started from a Fireman’s Carry position, this simple yet effective move pays homage to the hundreds of driver manoeuvres in the wrestling world today. The wrestler will set the opponent up on their shoulders before driving them head/ back first off the canvas.

The Death Valley Driver is a widely-used move in Japan. Here, it is known as a Death Valley Bomb, and was first invented by Etsuko Mita, a highly established Joshi wrestler. In the US, the move was maded famous when it was used by former WCW and WWE star Perry Saturn, who defeated wrestlers such as Chris Jericho and Raven with the maneouvre. However, it is former ECW star Tommy Dreamer who used the move greatly, labelling it as a Dreamer Driver. In the video below, he blasts Raven with the move.

The move will begin with the wrestler clutching the inside of the opponent’s leg. This will allow them to then use their strength to lift the opponent upwards, and cause them to lie over the wrestler’s shoulders in a traditional Fireman’s Carry lift.

Once in this position, the wrestler will then use one hand to clutch over the opponent’s neck. This is done so that when the wrestler drops the opponent, the hold is applied to their head and will in turn make the move a Driver variation. The wrestler will then slightly lift the legs of the opponent, causing them to flip off the position and begin to fall downwards.

With the opponent ready to hit the canvas, the wrestler will quickly fall to their side, driving the opponent down. It is usual for the opponent to land head first off the canvas, but it is also common for them to land on their upper/ lower back.


  • Also known as: Death Valley Bomb/ Dreamer Driver/ Fireman’s Carry Brainbuster/ Original Falconry
  • Famous users: Perry Saturn, Tommy Dreamer, Etsuko Mita, Masato Tanaka, Eric Young, Shingo Takagi
  • Finished off: Chris Jericho, Raven, Edge, Suzuku Minami, El Generico
  • H&B Rating: 8


Watch more variations:

Etsuko Mita’s Death Valley Bomb with Cradle Pin– The move starts off the same as a typical Death Valley Driver, but ends with Mita planting Suzuku Minami’s head off the canvas and then keeping hold of the leg to initiate a pin attempt.
Masato Tanaka’s Running Death Valley Driver– Tanaka sets the opponent up traditionally, but then charges forward, adding momentum to the move.
Jay Briscoe’s Military Press into a Death Valley Driver– A great move from the Briscoe Brother, which sees the opponent lifted up Military Press style before being dropped into the DVD manoeuvre.
Shingo’s Elevated Death Valley Driver– Again, another way to begin the move, with Shingo throwing Masato Tanaka upwards in the air before catching him with the DVD, driving him hard off the mat.
Shingo Takagi’s Avalanche Original Falconry– A Death Valley Driver, but this time from the top rope. The fact that it’s from a height adds tons more damage to the move.
Icarus’ Blu-Ray– Instead of the opponent being driven into the mat, Icarus uses the turnbuckles to throw the opponent into whilst they are set up in the Death Valley Driver position.


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